Deceptively Simple!

With multitouch gestures and Twitter / Facebook, Facemakr is ideal for social networking and beyond, check out the key features:

iPhone version

Position, Scale and Rotate with multitouch gestures!

In exactly the same way you’re used to with maps and photos, use simple finger gestures to create your Avatar. No longer are you limited to simple selection techniques as seen in other avatar creators, really push your iPhone or iPad and use it how Apple intended!

  • One finger Slide to position.
  • Two finger Pinch to scale.
  • Two finger Twist to rotate.

Download Video: "facemakr_aug2010.mp4"

All new parts with in-app purchases:

Choose from a selection of Robot parts to spice up your Facemakr!

Add some Monterous additional parts to your Facemakr with this ghoulish pack!

More in-app purchase packs are on their way!

parts illustration

(Standard library - Facemakr 1.4)

Choose from over 520 parts!

Facemakr has a vast collection of professionally illustrated, detailed parts. Including (for example); over 70 detailed hair styles, 30 beards, over 30 eyes both male and female, and a whole lot more! With more items being added all the time, the combinations are endless.

Check out these other great features:

Assign Avatars to your iPhone Contacts easily.¹

address book

Brighten up your address book!

And new to version 1.4:

Earn items in Gamecenter

For carrying out certain tasks (like Tweeting, joining the mailing list etc) you can unlock exclusive GameCenter only content!

Download FROM the Gallery

You can now download directly from the gallery into your Presets! Then load them up in the editor to change and play around with as you see fit. Amazing!

Save in various ways:

Save your Avatars to the internal presets for continued editing and sharing on social networks. Or simply save them directly to the iPhone’s photo album in high resolution for complete freedom. Facemakr isnt restricted in how you share your creations.

export facemakrs

Get in on the action today, your custom high-quality avatar awaits!

iPhone version

More iOS applications by the Facemakr team!